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A Little About Me: Jennifer Adler and Survival By Design

Hi! I am an IDA Honorable Mention award-winning communications and design leader with 25 years of experience managing and creating contemporary and impactful print and digital collateral that reinforces brand, builds awareness, and has contributed to multiple multi-million dollar campaigns for 125+ clients and employers. I am proud to have fostered long-term relationships with clients, colleagues, vendors, and nonprofit and arts organizations. Contact me for excellent collaboration, big picture problem-solving, organized flexibility, great attention to detail, quick turnaround, respect for all stakeholder input, and a proactive, easy, ego-free approach.

Here are some bullets about me. If you get bored reading, watch this. It has nothing
to do with me but I find it hilarious...and you could probably use some fun in your day


  • My work is clean, modern, sophisticated, and sometimes fun, depending on the client's needs. I have no ego about my work so the process is always collaborative, easy going, and as stress free as work can be. In 2021, I earned an Honorable Mention for my COVID/Social Distancing floor decals commission by the Brickyard Collaborative from the International Design Awards. See PORTFOLIO.


  • I was a pioneer of the honest, sassy, and diverse greeting card. In 2009, I debuted as a "best of the new" at the National Stationery Show. Through relationship building, storytelling, and promotion, I successfully secured editorial placement for Survival By Design Cards in national trade magazines, local newspapers and monthlies, as well as in online media. My cards have been distributed to stores and boutiques throughout the US and England and the Cayman Islands.


  • I have collectively sold $750,000 worth of greeting cards as an independent licensed artist for RSVP/Sellers Publishing (2012–present) and Recycled Paper Greetings (2009–2018). My licensed greeting cards have been sold in Target, Whole Foods, Wal-Mart, FedEx, and Key Food stores, and other retail locations throughout US and Canada.

  • I earned a BA in Philosophy from Brandeis University in 1996 and completed a year of MBA courses post graduation at Bryant University. My career path lead me towards the marriage of strategy (thinking) and design (doing). I have had the pleasure of working for several nonprofits as Director of Communications where I have been in charge of branding, internal and external communications, management of myriad projects, building relationships with staff, collaborators, and vendors, and getting loads of things done, usually with a restricted budget. See CREATIVE SERVICES.

  • In 2008, I earned a professional certificate in Advertising & Print Design from Rhode Island School of Design's Continuing Education program. A RISD comedy writing class lead to my first publication.

  • When I am not obsessing about consistency, efficiency, or sustainability, I can be found in a dance class, on a road trip with my husband and daughter, or bingeing smart and wry content.

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