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Developing an Internal Communications Strategy
for Bottom Line–National

College advising nonprofit Bottom Line is undergoing a massive growth phase. Over the past few years they have added two new regions to their flagship office and they are poised to expand further.

I conducted an audit of their organization's internal communications that culminated in the convening of a national Communications Summit which launched a shared approach to messaging and materials. 


To encourage collaboration, increase efficiencies, and strengthen the nonprofit's national brand, I established a Comm2Squad, a group of regional staff to meet monthly to discuss communications topics, share news, and field questions.

Together, we gained consensus on many key projects.

Ask me about Bottom Line's National Giving Tuesday campaign...I seem to recall tweeting on Thanksgiving.


Training Videos for
United Way of Rhode Island

United Way of Rhode Island found itself needing to comply with United Way of America's new national branding. I was tasked with rolling out the new branding guidelines, creating new office templates, and relaying the imperative of
our compliance to staff.

What better way to tackle a
not-so-exciting topic that would cause more work for staff than with a humorous mock news program written, produced,
and starring staff?

With minimal resources, staff's volunteer participation, and the blessing of executive leadership, The Impact News Team was born. Additional Impact News training videos were created and they are still being used to train new staff today.


Ask me about the "Corporate Branding Expert" from Starbucks that we engaged
for our interview segment.

Best New Product Finalist
at National Stationery Show

I launched my greeting card line in 2008 with one local retailer,
a website, and a production operation that took over my home office and dining room.

Using PR and communications skills, I was able to earn free media in Providence Monthly, Greetings, Etc. and other trade magazines, and gain entry into the National Stationery Show
in New York City. 

That year I debuted as a Best New Product and was featured several times in the show's daily publication. Most importantly, I met some wonderful folks who later would become licensing partners and friends.


Ask me about the time I had
to enlist my family's help to stick barcodes to hundreds
of cards for a large order
for PaperChase in England.

Impact News Team
NSS Best New Product
Communications Summit

Creative Strategy + Direction

Almost everything we do employs some kind of strategy: leaving your house 15 minutes earlier to miss traffic or buying bread with the latest expiration date. Creative strategy
is like that—finding efficiencies or different ways of approaching a project to get a better or new desired result. I have put on my strategist hat to solve rebranding issues, improve communications internally, and
build external credibility online, among other things. How can I help you think through your current creative challenges?

Please visit my blog to see additional creative direction samples including a promotional video for the Downtown Lynn Cultural District.

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