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A Kick *ss Logo, Business Cards, and New Website for Kick It Up Consulting

My creative and cool friend Carla Scheri just launched her new project and events management business, Kick It Up Consulting, to "help businesses get stuff done". I met Carla when I moved to Lynn, MA a few years ago. At the time, she was working on several interesting projects including managing an art installation under the commuter rail tracks here in Downtown Lynn as well as helping to bring artists to VisionSpace Gallery. She was friendly and easy going, and I was fascinated by her interesting background in writing, music, and Hollywood. So, when she told me she was starting her own business, I could not have been happier for her or more eager to help launch the sh*t out of it! Carla and I, along with our friend and colleague Sarah Jackson of Sarah J Consulting, brainstormed different name choices for her business and, after careful deliberation, Carla landed on Kick It Up Consulting. This name is perfect for Carla as she has been getting stuff done for clients for the past 25 years and can help get any project kicked into shape. Plus, she is an passionate kickboxer.

First, she needed a logo. We talked about what she, herself, as a brand might look like. Kind of punk and rock & roll but also reliable and responsible. Somewhat androgynous but also feminine and classic. Calm but with an edge. She was also very dedicated to her weekly kickboxing classes...a controlled kind of exercise with punch.

Here's a peak into the process that helped me create her new logo:

I created the icons and then spent some time finding a few typeface options that would complement the icons as well as represent Carla's brand. After a review by Carla, the final typeface was chosen and her logo was created. (see above)

Next came business cards. We decided to stick with black and white for simplicity, clarity, and punch.

Finally, Carla needed a website. Carla, Sarah, and I had several meetings as a group to discuss content, format, and design. Having just redesigned and relaunched our own websites, both Sarah and I had lots of thoughts for Carla. I suggested that Carla show how instrumental she can be to any part of a project's success. No matter where you are in your project timeline, Carla can jump in and do what needs to be done. Below is a sketch for the project timeline that I eventually created for the Services page of the website.

I'm so proud to announce the launch of the new Kick It Up Consulting website!

I hope you will take a minute to click through her site and see what services Carla can offer to you or your business. I really enjoyed designing the site and making it a visual representation of Carla's brand and a clear way to understand what Kick It Up Consulting does.

To see more of my logo, business card and web design services, please visit my portfolio.

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