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A New Logo for a New MakerSpace: The Brickyard Collaborative

The creative industrial spirit is alive and kicking here in Lynn, MA. My North Shore city has a long history of being a place for makers...from shoes to jet engines. Local resident Ted Dillard is on a current mission to launch The Brickyard Collaborative, "a unique intersection of MakerSpace, Innovation Incubator and STEAM education – bringing Imagination to Life!" What exactly is a MakerSpace/STEAM/Incubator? Says Ted, "Think of it like a health club for tools. You join, pay a fee, and get access to all sorts of tools, space and resources. Most importantly, itʼs a co-op. Everybody has a share in it and a stake in keeping it running. Teaming with STEAM programs, we can share it with the schools in the area, and partnering with a business incubator, we can help make ideas turn into businesses and income." For myself, I'm looking forward to taking some sewing or photography classes and maybe working with other creative folks to make stuff.

I was thrilled when Ted approached me about creating some materials for The Brickyard Collaborative. First, I designed a logo that is classic, timeless, but also modern.

Here is the 'vanilla' or 'naked' version.

It can be dressed up with some color...maybe BRICK RED...and some moving parts.

Or how about some basic maker shapes?

Or maybe some technology?

The logo is flexible enough to get some animation or more fun treatments in future applications. It's a maker logo for a maker space. Here is the logo in action on name tags that I designed and Ted DIY-fabricated for an upcoming event.

If you're interested in learning more about The Brickyard Collaborative, you can connect on Facebook or visit the website. If you need a logo or items designed for your next event, please be in touch!

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